M.Sc. thesis title: Optimal PV layout module for autogenerated PV tenders

Stockholm (Solna)
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M.Sc. thesis title: Optimal PV layout module for autogenerated PV tenders
The thesis is intended for a master of science/technology student with the following background; The student should have a general background in analyzing and modeling energy systems, in particular solar energy. Courses in solar energy and geographical information system (GIS) are a merit. Students should be well acquainted with Matlab as development will take place within an existing PV production calculation environment developed at Uppsala University and Vattenfall.
The thesis has two parts; The first part consists of an information gathering task to evaluate the best placement strategies for solar photovoltaic panels on roofs. This shall consider knowledge from Vattenfall suppliers and contractors for mounting. Considerations for minimising losses from snow build-up and optimal string arrangement of modules when considering shadowing shall be considered. Practical experience regarding clearance to roof obstacles shall also be gathered for later inclusion in an the PV panel layout module.
Secondly, the thesis worker will add a panel layout module to an existing Matlab environment were radiation on the building surfaces is calculated whilst considering shading effects from surrounding objects (other buildings, trees etc.). The module shall place PV panels on roofs in a way that maximises the economic outcome. The optimisation shall take into account both minimising losses from shadowing and likely snow cover. The layout module shall also consider required distance to obstacles roof ridge etc and material costs from Vattenfall’s solar panel and converter suppliers material calculator. A possible part of the work will be to develop solutions to remove panels from parts of the roof obstructed by roof bay windows, chimney and other objects. This may either be done automatically be analysis of 3D raw data and image analysis, or be manually done in a Matlab Graphical User Interface for Vattenfall Customer Services. The module shall finally be used to demonstrate production gains with optimal layout by comparing annual production and total return-of-investment with different areas and layouts of PV panels on the roof.
The work is primarily targeted towards residential single family houses. Time permitting, the appli-cant may also use 3D modules from Lantmäteriverket to apply panels on more complex buildings.
This thesis will be done at Vattenfall R&D towards Vattenfall Consumer Sales Nordic. This should result in improvement of existing autogenerated tenders for PV panels to ensure the layout of panels results in the shortest possible return-of-investment for the end-customer. The thesis will be led by Nicholas Etherden and Johan Ahlberg at Vattenfall R&D under supervision by Joakim Widén at Uppsala University. Co-supervisor regarding commercial aspects of the PV panel layout module will be from Jörgen Larsson, Vattenfall Customer Solutions.
The thesis work will be located to Solna and Vattenfall R&D with possibilities to sit part of the time at Uppsala University. Swedish is required for some interactions with suppliers and Vattenfall customer Service within the thesis. A gratification will be payed to applicant upon successful completion of the master thesis.
For further information contact in Swedish or English
Nicholas Etherden,
Senior R&D Engineer Vattenfall R&D
+46 (0)725734631

Johan Ahlberg
R&D Engineer Vattenfall R&D
+46 735 42 92 90